Chris (gypsymila) wrote,

Silly meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. c.s. lewis:
    I read the Chronicles of Narnia as a kid and loved them. I also read some of his more religious works for some classes in college. He always managed to rivet me, no matter the subject.
  2. conjugating verbs:
    Well, I'm a self-proclaimed grammar nazi. I actually enjoy doing conjugations...
  3. dreams:
    Who isn't interested in dreams? I have them (both in the "what I hope to accomplish" sense and the "nocturnal experiences" sense), so I shouldn't I be interested?
  4. gender equality:
    I added this because I was feeling taken advantage of one day. I'm very interested in seeing it happen.
  5. kissing:
    This one is real easy- I like to do it.
  6. music:
    Music is always fun.
  7. plants:
    I have several houseplants, and though I tend to kill them, I really enjoy their presence.
  8. roleplaying games:
    I've played a bit of tabletop, and a lot of LARP. It's fun to step outside yourself.
  9. stars:
    I love to look up and enjoy them. I wish on them.
  10. tolkien:
    I've read the obvious books, as well as parts of some others. I liked them, so I suppose I'm interested.

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